Quarrundum Slip Resistant range of Quarry Tiles launched

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Our new range of Quarrundum Anti-Slip Quarry tiles are now available in a comprehensive range of size and shade options.

Rated to R13 they provide exceptional slip resistance in both wet and dry conditions and are highly recommended for demanding commercial and industrial applications where contamination from a variety of liquids is common.

They are also highly effective in commercial kitchens, for use on slopes and ramps and in external situations open to the elements.

Impregnated with high grade silicon carbide they will maintain their slip resistant properties in the most arduous conditions. The reflective surface of the silicon carbide also provides an attractive sparkle effect under most lighting conditions.

For further technical details, and to see the full product range available please see our Quarrundum Range

One Response to “Quarrundum Slip Resistant range of Quarry Tiles launched”

  1. Francis Chia says:

    I am interested Quarrundum Anti Slip Tiles,
    Plain to ISO 10545 Grp A1. Colour Lava Red
    Size : 150 x 150 x 15mm
    Qty : 3,200 pcs

    Kindly provide your Singapore Agent’s contact (If any ) otherwise, appreciate to receive your best CNF Singapore for the above.
    Thank you and with Best Regards/ Francis chia